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Happy birthday to the best fucking songwriter ever, Mr. Martin L. Gore <3
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Anonymous: Hi love your blog to death and when I found out you love mew my heat skipped a beat a little! I don't know many ppl who know them so I was wondering what your favorite tracks from them are? Also jonas is a cutie pie

Aw thanks! I love Mew with all my heart, they’ve been my favorite band for (only) over half a decade and they will always be <3 And yeah, Jonas is so freaking cute!!! He’s adorable.

It’s such a coincidence you ask about my favorite tracks, because we have a Frengers group on Facebook (you should join) and I was answering this very same thing there today. I’ve never been able to decide but this is as close as I got:
1. Chinaberry Tree
2. Panda
3. Special

4. Am I Wry? No
5. She Spider
Bonus: Saviours of Jazz Ballet (Fear Me, December), Apocalypso, 156, New Terrain, Vaccine, Snow Brigade.

Also, I’d LOVE to talk with you about them, you should message me off anon to tell me your favorite tracks/album! And also join the facebook group if you haven’t. Cheers : )


Hand Illustrated scalloped edge summer serving dish by OHNORachio (35.00 GBP)
"When I drink a Glass of water, it’s thick and crawling with life. My mouth leads to the interior of my body — a caldron of disease, germs, and perversions of biology. I don’t exist individually. I’m made of millions of living creatures, eating each other, decomposing, eating each other."
-Michael Gira, The consumer   (via niet-zsche)

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Glass Box - Scandinavian Minimalism from Kollekt
my artwork is back in my dash! With no credits though